Sellers Home Inspection in Vancouver, Washington

Are selling your home in Vancouver, Washington?  If so, a pre-listing home inspection will help you make an informed decision and help get the highest price for your home. Sell your home with confidence with a pre-listing home inspection from Compass Home Inspections A pre-listing home inspection will identify problems throughout the home and will allow you to make the necessary repairs and updates to the home before any buyers see the home. This results in a seller that has confidence in their home. They can ask for a higher market price and can avoid paying for costly and stressful repairs. When a pre-listing inspection has been completed from Compass Home Inspections, home sellers can have the knowledge necessary to price the home accordingly and obtain the expected asking price with fewer negotiations.

Most home buyers insist and prefer a home inspection performed by a home inspector of their choosing. If the home inspector finds problems and issues with a property, it can cause delays and additional negotiating in the selling process. These additional problems identified by the inspector may cause delays in closing, and even cost the seller money by having to perform last-minute repairs or result in taking a lower price on the selling price of the home.

It is recommended to have a certified home inspection before putting a home on the market. When getting a pre-listing home inspection done by Compass Home Inspections, the sale process can be much easier and faster. In most cases, a home inspection will identify unknown problems throughout the home. This also allows for more time to complete the repairs before putting the home on the market. This also allows for more time to complete the repairs yourself or bid out more affordable contractors.